3 Signs that shows your bladder may be slowly failing and recommended advice to heed



A lot has been said about the bladder and its vital functions, but one thing that has not been properly made clear to many people is the signs that the body indicates when the bladder is slowly failing due to the damaging action of some harmful chemicals and germs that badly impact or harm the bladder and induce it to slowly lose its ability to properly hold or store urine, which is a combination of compounds filtered from the blood by the kidneys and transferred to the bladder for temporary storage before being ejected out of the body.According to Healthline, the bladder acts as a tank or vessel for keeping liquid wastes extracted from the blood and only discharges them when it’s full, but one undeniable fact is that the bladder is susceptible to attacks by the germs and substances that are stored in it, and can slowly fail in its storing capability when infected or damaged by them, and when this happens, the body will give out some signs to indicate that the bladder is slowly failing. In this post, I want to briefly discuss the signs that show your bladder is slowly failing and what you should do immediately.


1. When the bladder functions optimally, it can hold urine for as long as possible, especially when you are in a place where it’s not easy to access the toilet, but when it starts to fail slowly, you will notice that the urge to pass out urine keeps coming with lots of pressure, and you will be forced to locate any available place to urinate immediately.




2. Another sign that indicates that your bladder is slowly failing is when you notice that your bladder goes into the action of discharging urine even when it’s not full, and this makes you pass out urine many times a day.

3. Another sign to note when your bladder is slowly failing is when urine leaks out of your male private organ before you can make it to the toilet to properly eject urine. This can start slowly but often occurs more frequently. Also, you may notice the same leakage happening at night when you wake up many times to pass out urine.

Once you observe the signs discussed above, it’s a clear sign that your bladder is slowly failing and you should make no further delay in rushing to the nearest clinic or hospital for a check up, or consult your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.



Author: Arley Crown

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