6 Ways to Build Strenght

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6 Ways to Build Strenght. Building strength is a multifaceted task. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Warm up. When preparing to lift heavier weights, it’s important to warm up your body before performing. This can include lighter aerobic activity, lighter weight sets, and dynamic warm-up exercise like arms circles, leg kicks, and windmills.
  • Focus on form. Keep good form when lifting to muscular failure. If you can no longer maintain good form, you’ve reached the failure point for that set.
  • Prioritize progressive overload. Increase the volume of your repetitions to improve strength. This can be done by keeping the weight heavy, around >80% 1RM, and increasing the number of sets to 3–5.
  • Try compound exercises. If you’re pressed for time, utilize compound exercises that involve multiple joints, such as the squat and bench press. They may offer more bang for your buck than single-joint isolation exercises like bicep curls or knee extensions.
  • Stay consistent. Keep consistent with strength training by performing strength workouts three times per week. This can be total-body training, or if preferred, you can alternate between upper- and lower-body training.
  • Seek the help of others. Consider teaming up with a friend for motivation and to keep each other accountable. You can also seek out the guidance of a professional, like a personal trainer, to follow a tailored exercise program and advice.


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