7 habits that makes you looks older than your age




It is the desire of many people to look younger than/her age for as long as possible, but It is rather unfortunate that most men do not know how or are not ready to pay the ultimate price to look youthful, fresh, and agile for a very long time in their lives.

Recent studies have shown that there are certain daily habits men get involved in which are behind the reasons why most men tend to look older than their age.

That’s why in this article, I will be sharing with you some of the daily habits men get involved in that make them look older than their age. Check them out below;

1. Eating Excess Processed Foods

A diet rich in ultra-processed foods is loaded with sugar, oil, starches, and fats, which can make you age faster. According to experts, eating three or more servings of processed foods daily is linked with shorter telomeres, chromosome structure that marks your biological age.

Taking too much-processed food can cause a wrinkled face, dark spots under the eyes, and dehydrated skin capable of making you look older than your age.

2. Washing Your Hair Regularly

While many will argue this, washing your hair in excess can strip the hair of its natural oil, leaving it brittle, dull, and dry. This in turn makes you appear older than your age. Also, avoid excessive use of chemicals and hair products such as dye, shampoo, and hair spray for hair maintenance instead use organic products twice a week to main proper hair hygiene.

3. You don’t moisturize

Most men have over time built the impression that keeping the skin moisturized is a woman’s thing. This impression is wrong because is one of the reasons why most men don’t retain their smooth and youthful skin.

Men need to moisturize more because they are more exposed to hard labor, making them stay for a very long time under the intense heat of the sun which tends to reap their skin of its natural oil, making it dry and wrinkly. Hence the need to moisturize as often as possible.

4. Not Washing Your Face Regularly. As a man learn to take your bath or at least wash your face thoroughly after a day’s job To avoid certain bacterial infections that might have built up through sweats and contact with contaminated objects as you carried out your activities. After washing your face you can go on to moisturize it.

5. Archaic dress sense

Some men no longer follow up on fashion trends that had made them stick to one dress style. This in turn makes them appear old-fashioned and older.

6. Bad Posture. This is another reason why most men appear older than their age. Although postures can be hereditary as a man who is below 40, you are expected to have a gallant and upright posture.

This might sound funny, but it is a great mistake most men make that makes them look older than their age. Therefore, building a good posture will go a long way in making you look younger.

7. Hairstyle

Some certain hairstyles or haircuts are associated with certain age groups. So as a man who wants to remain youthful try to style your hair in a way that makes you appear youthful. This means that you have to stay in tune with all the trending haircut styles to look younger.

Author: Arley Crown

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