How To Avoid Overeating

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How To Avoid Overeating

Overeating is often a root cause of various health problems like obesity, rapid weight gain, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. In the long run it could even cause diabetes and heart disease – so it is a good idea to control the overeating impulse before it becomes a deeply ingrained habit.

Here are some simple techniques that will help avoid overeating.

Smaller Portions: Don’t load your plate with a single large helping. Instead take a smaller portion. You can always go for another helping if you are still hungry.

Small Mouthfuls: Don’t stuff your mouth. Take small bites and small mouthfuls. Chew well. Don’t gulp your food down.

Maintain regular timings for meals: If there are long gaps in between meals, you tend to get hungry and overeat. However, when meal timings are spaced out properly (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner), hunger pangs are less likely to drive you to overeat.

Relax: Always sit down for a meal in a relaxed state of mind. Stress causes overeating.

Don’t watch television while eating: Focus on the food and enjoy your meal. Staring at a television screen distracts you from your food and often makes you overeat. The same thing happens when you continue working on your laptop while eating. Remove the distractions – and concentrate on enjoying your food.

Just apply these simple practices whenever you sit down for a meal, and over time you will find that your tendency to overeat will wane and eventually vanish.


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