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Baking a cake is an art which many people can master. Icing it is one skill which is problematic for some. This however should not detail you from learning how to ice a cake to perfection. The icing to a cake is the putter shell which makes the cake to be attractive. The beautiful the icing the more a person would be interested in having a bite from the enticing cake. Follow through this recipe and you will be a guru in making the best icing for your cakes. The more your practice the better your skill. This means you can even open your very own cake business and charge around R800 a cake. Your prices will be determined by the design of the cake and your profit margins.


Icing for cakes.


* half a brick of baking margarine or butter

*half a packet of small icing sugar

* 5ml vanilla essence

* 3ml of food colouring


Step 1. Take a large mixing bowl and out half a block of margarine at the centre.

Step 2. Using the same bowl of margarine add half a packet of icing sugar. Take the two ingredients beat them with an electric beater. If you don’t have an electric beater you can use a manual beater and beat until both ingrediants are well incorporated. Best for 12 minutes. Make a well and proceed to step 3

Step 3. At the centre of the well add the vanilla essence and food colouring. Mix ingredients with a wooden spoon for 5 minutes.

Step 4. Scrutinize if you should add more icing sugar or food colouring. The results you want should depend on the colour and thickness which you desire at the end.

Step 5. Take your cake and place it on a cake holder. Make sure that your cake has cooled down so that it dis not make your icing to melt when you put it on the cake. Place your icing in a piping bag and pipe to decorate the cake.

If your don’t have a piping bag you can use a baking spatula to icing your cake like the one seen below.

Author: Arley Crown

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