World Bank partners mining office to digitalise licence application

The Director-General of the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office, Obadiah Nkom, said that his agency has partnered with World Bank to upgrade its system for foreign investors to apply online for mining licences in Nigeria.

He said this when he received a delegation of Optiva Resources Limited, a London-based investment organisation, alongside its investment advisers, NPL Advisors.

This was according to a press statement issued by the agency and sent to our correspondent, on Monday.

The statement read in part, “He said that the government collaborated with the World Bank to upgrade the Agency’s system and it is compatible with the rest of the world, adding that with electronic Mining Cadastre (eMC+) application based system, a ready-made platform has been provided for investors all over the world to come on board.”

Nkom was quoted as saying, “We upgraded from regular polygon to the online system we have now. We are talking about real time administration and these are the series of upgrades that will align with best international practices.”

He added, “With the new system, you can apply for a mineral title from anywhere in the world. Currently, we are crossing and dotting wherever is necessary for us to have a sustainable system.”

The MCO DG further stressed that public-private partnerships can drive huge investment into mining.

Author: Thavocalist

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